About Me JandB

Hey blog readers everywhere! My name is Kamber Parker and I am a sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland, definitely enjoying the warm weather down here in the south. Some of my interests include playing soccer, running, working with kids, and getting involved with service projects. I hope to talk to you about all of these interests throughout the semester, but if I don’t get a chance to talk about all of them, I will certainly focus on running a little later on in the semester.

Jogging is my main focus right now because it’s incorporated into the title of my blog, and I’d like to have you all feel like you are “going on a jog” with me, as I tell you my thoughts about my daily topics. When I jog, it is my time to think and be alone for a little while, and you’d be surprised how much goes through my head when I have some time to think. I want my readers to feel that way when they read “Jogging and Blogging”, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your “jog” with me. running2


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