You See More Than Just Purple Here


Our first big project involving our chosen themes was the info graphics assignment, which involved us depicting information in an appealing fashion. The theme that I chose at the beginning of the semester relates to the name of my blog, Jogging and Blogging. I wanted to portray what types of individuals and groups come to campus daily throughout the entire semester as I trained for a half-marathon.

I decided to choose nine different groups of people you see on campus and portrayed them by connecting them all to the central circle, Furman itself. All of this was done through Photoshop, of course. My intent was for the size of each circle with an image inside to emphasize the role it plays on campus. For example, the “Prospective Students” bubble is a lot bigger than the “Weddings” bubble because the amount of people entering campus that fit in those categories differ greatly. Along with bubble size, I also tried to depict the number of people visiting our campus by how far away they were from the central Furman bubble. The farther in length away from the “This is Furman” text, the less you see those groups on campus.

These are groups of people that I have seen all over campus while running throughout the entire time I have been at Furman.  And let me tell you, they can be quite entertaining sometimes. Mostly, seeing these people just raises more pride among students here because we are reminded of what a beautiful place this campus is. Naturally, why wouldn’t the general public want to use it as their playground too? So here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the info graphic!

Infographic 2_edited-2


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