It’s Official Now: We’ve Got Cards

One of our most recent assignments was to create two business cards that represent two parts of ourselves: the business side and the personal side. With the only requirements being that we had to use two fonts and as much creativity as possible, I dove into the task head-first.

Here is what I chose to make my more fun and personal card look like…


Business Card 5_edited-2



Why I chose this:

Well, for starters, the background is alone in itself, a perfect depiction of my blog, Jogging and Blogging. I thought the subtle feet jogging at the top of the page added just enough “energy” to the card, while the cement-color of the rest of the card targeted more attention to my font. The turquoise color of my email address connects to the font color on the back of the card, tying the two sides together in another way. Moving on to the back of the card, I designed a small logo “J &B with K” that stands for “Jogging and Blogging with Kamber”, my url name, and a fun way to remember my blog and brand. Again, the turquoise color stands out amongst the darker shades in the card. Overall, I am happy with what I chose for my personal card because it shows my serious side, but also connects to my personal brand I have created throughout the semester.

Fonts used:

  • BovenoCF
  • Lucida Handwriting

Business Card 


Final Business Card 1_edited-1


Back of Final Business Card_edited-1

Why did I choose it?

I wanted my business card to be sophisticated, serious, and simple. Hopefully I accomplished that with the classy pattern (found on, gold font, and minimal information I put on the card. I let the pattern speak for itself by not adding a lot of excess information or images, which was my intended goal all along. On the back I wrote “don’t be a stranger” because my goal for any business card is to get contacts, so I want to appear open to conversation and communication with others. Overall, I am happy with this choice for my business card as well, because I think it looks exactly how I desired it to look and I think it accomplishes its goal.

Fonts used:

  • Lucida Handwriting
  • BovenoCF

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