What About ISIS?


Ebola. ISIS. Gun threats at SEC schools in the South. These are all huge events occurring in the world right now that need the public’s attention. Meanwhile, here we are giggling and gossiping about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy? That sounds about right. This is America, after all. It is here where we enjoy soaking in others’ secrets and then analyzing them. And I thought the British went crazy over this stuff… However, there is so much buzz right now about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, but really, are we surprised? When the news is all over the media and on the cover of every magazine in sight, it is hard not to know about the potential new heir-or heirs-to the throne.

Kate’s second pregnancy is creating ample amounts of press surrounding the Duke and Duchess, good and bad. Obviously, the British people are thrilled to have more heirs and to have all of their desired “baby fun” for the next nine months. This sort of event brings their country together, once again shoving in America’s face how we are not like that. This news also brings up personal details of Kate’s life that should not be spread throughout the media. A recent article from TODAY headlines that Kate had to pull out of a prior engagements due to morning sickness on multiple occasions. Now the whole world knows, thanks to the internet and various technologies. I know I wouldn’t want the whole internet-using world, which is pretty much everyone, knowing my entire pregnancy experience. Would you?

Another tiny detail about this pregnancy that the media is of course not taking lightly is the “Other Prince”. Because of this new baby, Prince Harry is now getting pushed farther back in the line to the throne. Previously third in line to the throne, he will now be fifth. Now that’s got to make a grown man feel good about himself. Being placed behind two babies, one who is not even born yet, can hurt a man’s ego for sure.


News stations such as E News and TMZ provoke audiences to read and watch stories about these “juicy” topics:


There is nothing wrong with this, but it raises the question as to why more people are interested in reading and listening about the next heir and not the epidemic spreading in Africa. I get that reading about a baby is more interesting than reading about ebola, but let’s be honest: what could potentially affect us the most? Probably the latter. Various clips and articles show that the public is obsessed with this kind of information. It is simply a pregnancy. I get that it is the future leader of their country, but why are we–Americans!–so intrigued by the Royals and their life? My bets are on Prince Charles and his scandal with Camilla that started it all.


I believe that with the other catastrophes, disputes, and crises going on in the world today, the general pubic should be more focused on those cases as opposed to making a huge deal about Kate Middleton’s morning sickness and the “drama” surrounding Buckingham Palace. I love hearing about her as much as the next person and I’m sure it’s very crucial to know what gender the baby will be, but where are our citizen duties? We need to be made aware of what is happening around us.

So next time you pick up People instead of The New York Times, think about what will help you better understand the world? Is it reading up on Kate’s morning sickness and other bodily functions? Or is it more beneficial to read about ISIS and its potential effect on our country? Whatever you decide, and I’m guessing it is still probably People magazine, just read with passion and understand what you are reading. Ultimately, either topics will help you develop your interpretive skills.


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