Greetings from Greenville!

digiAs the leaves beautifully begin to change and we say goodbye to our summer clothes–except maybe not so soon in South Carolina–this new blogger is gearing up for the fall semester. Welcome to Jogging and Blogging, where you will find entertaining stories about my life at Furman, digital media, and of course, jogging. I’m Kamber Parker, a sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland, and am really enjoying this warm weather! Although I may be new to the world of bloggers, I want everyone to take note of the simplicity of the platform I purposefully chose. With not much going on visually, my hope is for readers to listen to the messages I am sending about this age of digital media, while still thinking about what they are looking at. Another one of my hopes for this blog and class is to grasp the concept of making anything seem appealing and entertaining. In the age of digital media we are so heavily engaged in, it is crucial in the field of Communications to make anything and everything as entertaining as possible in order to catch peoples’ attention easily. With that being said, I see myself in Broadcasting in the future, hopefully leaving college with a Double Major in Communication Studies and Political Science in hand. This course will teach me what people in this specific field need to obtain in order to be successful.

With that being said, I’d like to get into the main part of this course: digital media. In my eyes, digital media doesn’t have one definition. Instead, it has many. Due to its broad departments, digital media falls under almost every category that involves media held on a computer or other technological devices that are programmed and encoded. It controls our world today with its quick tendency to spread news like wildfire and keep us well informed, whether it has good or bad intent. Since I have grown up not knowing what it is like to live without a computer or any digital media at all, I find it hard to imagine our society’s life without its presence. I think our lives would change in an instant. Imagine if Facebook, Instagram, your favorite App, and the recently famous Yik Yak were taken from us in an instant, along with many other forms of digital media. I don’t believe we would be able to function. Personally, Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with friends from home while I am away at school, and I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without my CNN Mobile App that keeps me in-the-loop daily when I don’t have access to the paper or television.

Digital Media has come a very long way since the last decade and it continues to progress each day. In other words, it is the “glue to our society”, by keeping us moving along with our everyday routines. In ten years, I know it will only increase its power to serve information to the world immensely. With the skills learned and used in this class, I want to apply this knowledge and use it in the future to keep everyone informed and entertained.

Topics I am Interested In:

As I was brainstorming ideas for the longterm project for the semester, I let my thoughts drift to what my true interests are. After working at a summer camp all summer, working with kids is my number one interest. Using my connections with Alexander Elementary school, which I have received through another activity on campus, I can look at statistics of children using digital media, whether it’s their phones, computers, or other devices. This was a problem I noticed this summer as my campers often talked about the absence of technology, which unfortunately took away their enjoyment at times.

Another idea I had was looking into the craze and phenomenon of running marathons. Why are people so obsessed with running in these organized events and how do they continue to run them? Another question I could tackle is how many people who say they are going to run a marathon actually run one? These are all questions I am curious to know the answer to, especially because I am currently training for a half-marathon in late fall. I can barely manage running long distances as a college student now, so I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for people to train for full marathons. I am really interested in this topic!

Lastly, my final idea refers back to the marathon idea. I actually see a lot of people and activities that occur while I am training daily. Whether it’s a wedding at the chapel, senior portraits along Furman Mall, or older folks from The Woodlands walking around campus, Furman is truly an accessible campus that allows so many people in. I could tackle this topic by digging deeper into why Furman allows so many different groups and individuals the access to our facilities and why it is so appealing to those people. Is it the accessibility of our campus that is so enticing? Or is it the safety aspect that I feel daily? These are all facts I hope to find out if I choose this topic.

Wrapping it Up

Well, how did I do? It was my first blog, after all. I hope you learned a little bit about my interests, as well as my take on digital media. It is a great part of our society, and it truly makes our world go round. However, it is us who need to make sure it stays on track and stays successful. That’s all for now, enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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