Website Published

Here is the link to my new website. I chose to make it fairly simple so it was not too cluttered for viewers, but overall, it was a fun project!

Click here:


New & Improved

Here is my final video, new and improved and this time, it’s not 11 minutes long. So here it is, and enjoy!

Furman University: Home to Many

Below is my video project, related to the topic I have been focusing on all year: the types of people you find at Furman. Although it is a college campus filled with students, there are many other groups and individuals that occupy the grounds. Take a look at the video and see what kinds of people you see as I go on a jog throughout Furman. It truly is a home to many, as it is accessible to the public daily.

Making the Experience


How many times do we really think about the work that goes behind the products we use? Like that Keurig machine you use every morning–don’t deny it, we all do it. Who worked to make sure it worked for you? And your car that hasn’t given you any troubles at all since you bought it a year ago. Who designed that for you? The work put into giving you the best user experience is performed daily; it is a shame more of us don’t know what goes into all of the products we use. In his book The Elements of User Experience, Jesse James Garrett tackles the reasons why user experience is so important and how it is created.  Continue reading

Keeping it Simple


It is a known fact that no one wants their readers passing over their designs just for the simple excuse of “being in a rush” or “not having an agenda”. In chapters three and four of Krug’s text, he takes you step by step to show you the ways in which you can make your message that you want to get out stand out while not frustrating anyone. Krug channels the easy elements that can be used to make your designs great in these next two chapters. Continue reading

Don’t Make Them Think


When you are driving down the highway at 65 mph, you’re not really thinking about what the billboards on the side of the road say, right? Steve Krug’s text Don’t Make Me Think uses the analogy that people who use apps or visit websites are viewing these sources of information as billboards and nothing more. So what does Krug say to that? You better make your design a great billboard.  Continue reading

A Dance of the Eyes

dance of the eyes

Editing, otherwise described as “the dance of the eyes” is a way that editors can put all the pieces of their work together. It has certainly come together in the last 100 years, paving the way for contemporary editing styles, which have become a staple in our society. Editors have the ability to change and make additions to whatever they want in order to tell a story, because after all, that’s all editing is: manipulating images and sounds to create a narrative. Osgood and Hinshaw’s text raises the awareness that as more information is provided to an audience, the clearer the story’s focus becomes.  Continue reading

Psychological Closure


  • When similar elements lie in close proximity to one another, we tend to see them together. Because of attraction of mass, we connect more readily those elements that lie closer together than those that lie farther apart.

conditioning 3  real team hands


  • Similar shapes are seen together



  • Once a dominant line is established, its direction is not easily disturbed by other lines cutting across it

continuity game day 1


Evan Talbert, Kamber Parker, Taylor Collins

Who Do You See on Furman’s Campus?

Here is my visual slideshow representing all of the different types of people you will find on Furman’s campus. If you notice, almost of my pictures were taken outside because I focused on the people I see while running. Therefore, all of my pictures were taken while I was running, with the exception of two, so bare with me if some of the images look rushed or blurry!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I edited and enhanced all of my pictures, but below I have selected five pictures that show the style of editing I stuck with throughout the slideshow. Take a look.
















Swamp rabbit trail_edited-2




real cyclists

As you can see, I really used the adjust color tool to my advantage. I adjusted the color in most of the pictures to highlight the nature in the pictures. I also played around with light and brightness because I really wanted to emphasize the changing colors of the leaves and enhance the main figures in the images.

I hope I was able to tell a story without any words in this visual slideshow! It was a challenge, and also really awkward and uncomfortable taking pictures of random people without them knowing at times…it was a learning experience, for sure. That’s all for today!

Zettl’s Keys to Success

forcesJust when you thought you knew all there was to know about making your presentation of images the best it could be, a new way to enhance your skills just came into focus. In Zettl’s chapter on “The Two-Dimensional Field: Forces Within the Screen”, he explains the six major types of field forces that are used to tame space we use in the field of images. Continue reading

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